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Find complete information on industrial vacuums below:

Portable Vacs
3 Hp to 30 Hp for industrial applications
Choice of vacuum producers
Filters that will not blind and plug!
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Vacuum Loaders
15 Hp to 75 Hp with integrated storage
Continuous vacuum to 17" Hg
Choose from pulse jet and shaker type filters
Click here for vacuum loaders

picIndustrial Central Vacuums
5 Hp to 500 Hp for commercial and industrial
Continuous vacuum to 28" Hg
Filtration systems designed to work!
Central piping systems that do not plug
Click here for industrial central vacuums

Plus a complete line of accessories for all vacuums

Flexible working hose
Tubing, pipe and fittings for central vacuums
A full line of attachments

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Industrial vacuums, mist collectors, fume collectors, replacement filters

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