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Vacuum hose for your industrial hose needs. Cut to length hoses.


Complete line of VACUUM hose and tools and accessories. Designed for industrial duty and operator comfort and  safety  in  mind.

G-Vac Thm
Vacuum hose

Vacuum Hose
Standard Duty Flex Hose

G-Vac is PVC vacuum hose, it is hose without static grounding and so it is suitable for only a small number of commercial type applications.


Very inexpensive
Very flexible
Good durability
Smooth exterior so it pulls easily around equipment


Not static conducting
Available in 50 ft lengths max.

Diameter: 1.25", 1.5", and 2.0"
Lengths cut to order
Cuffs extra

Picture not 

B-Flex Standard Duty Flex vacuum hose

B-Flex is tremendous. Suitable for many light industrial applications where static conductivity is not a problem. Unlike G-Vac, this hose works with many applications without "adding" static.  It is a clear PVC hose with a white external helix.



Very flexible
Food grade
Smooth interior
Good durability, though not as good as G-Vac


Not static conducting, but much better than G-Vac.

Diameter: 1.5", 2.0", 2.5", and 3.0"
Lengths cut to order, 100 ft. maximum
Cuffs not available

Urevac Thm

Urevac-2 Heavy Duty Flex 

Urevac-2 is a popular choice, but it's generally used for larger sizes, because it is durable for its weight and flexible. 0.125" of urethane tubing supported with a PVC helix makes this the best choice for wood chips, grains, and other materials for which Type 1100 is suitable, but too heavy.


Smooth interior
Very flexible, lightweight, and durable

Not suitable for sharp metal chips
Not static conducting
13" Hg. vacuum limit
Pronounced exterior helix makes pulling  around corners a chore

Diameter: 1.5" to 4.0" 
60 ft lengths only
Low temperature flexible

Type 1100 Thm
Type 1100

Type 1100 Heavy Duty Flex 

Type 1100 (static dissipating) is our most popular choice. Very tough and durable, it is still quite flexible, but the 2" size may not be suitable for sustained hand work in tight places. 

Though this is an industrial duty hose, and is not heavy, some women may find that the 2" hose is too cumbersome for them. Men will have no trouble with 3", though the 4" size is getting pretty heavy. 

This is a PVC - rubber blended hose that relies on its high carbon content to dissipate static, so it is good for most applications where static is a problem with PVC hose, but not all.

Not expensive
Quite flexible given the high durability
Smooth interior
Static dissipating

Static dissipating, not static conducting

Diameter: 1.25" to 8.0" 
Lengths cut to order, 100 ft. maximum
Suitable for full vac

Type 4050 Thm
Type 4050

Type 4050 Standard Duty Grounded 

Type 4050 is static conducting with static dissipating cuffs, so it works with most (but not all) static producing materials. It is the most flexible, lowest weight of the static conducting hoses, but at the cost of moderate durability. It is clear PVC with white external helix.


Static conducting


Moderately durable (good for clean-rooms and pharmaceutical de-dusting)
Can not be cut to non-standard lengths

Diameter: 1.5" and 2.0" only
Lengths: 10 ft, 15 ft, 25 ft, 50 ft only

Type VF Thm
Type VF

Type VF Heavy Duty Grounded 

Vinylife (Type VF) is a great product, but it is expensive. It has excellent durability, excellent flexibility, and is not much heavier than Spec 1100. Its smooth exterior makes this easy to handle, and it is static conducting. Comes in a few safety colors as well as clear.

Very flexible and durable
Moderately lightweight
Food grade
Smooth interior and exterior
Static conducting


Not cheap

Diameter: 1.0" to 3.0"
Lengths: 10 ft, 15 ft, 25 ft, 35 ft, and 50 ft only
Suitable for full vacuum

Superwhip Thm

Superwhip Heavy Duty Grounded 

Superwhip is used as a work end for vacuum systems using 4" and larger.  It's similar in construction to SW, but with a pure gum rubber inner liner for the best abrasion resistance.

Primarily used for aluminum chips or other chips that "cut" other materials. The flexibility is quite a bit better than SW hose, because gum is softer. Very durable.  The lightest weight, most flexible, most durable large size.

Very durable
Moderately flexible and lightweight
Smooth interior and exterior
Static conducting

Expensive ( but it’s a great choice).


Diameter: 2.5"" to 8.0"
Lengths: 20 ft and 50 ft only
4" and under, suitable for full vacuum
6" and 8", suitable for 20" Hg.

Type WE Thm
Type WE

Type WE Heavy Duty Grounded 

Type WE is a clear, food grade, PVC hose with a copper ground wire and is often used in the plastics industry. Before the advent of B-Flex, this was the least expensive option for static conducting hose. It is somewhat heavier and much less flexible (especially in the winter) than Spec 1100, but still quite usable.


Moderately flexible, durable, and lightweight
Food grade
Smooth interior
Static conducting


Too stiff in the winter in some buildings
Copper wire breaks before the hose does compromising the ground

Diameter: 1.25" to 4.0"
Lengths cut to order, up to 100 ft
No cuffs available
Suitable for full vac

Type SW Thm
Type SW

Type SW Heavy Duty Grounded 

Type SW is a rubber hose with an integral braided stainless ground wire. Certainly the heaviest of the hoses mentioned so far, it is also the most durable. While this hose is not flexible enough for working with hand tools, it is perfectly acceptable for heavy floor cleaning.


Very durable
Moderately lightweight
Smooth interior and exterior
Static conducting
Suitable for steel chips


Not cheap
Not flexible enough for hand work

Diameter: 1.5", 2.0" and 3.0" only
Lengths: 10 ft, 15 ft, 25 ft, 50 ft only
Suitable for full vac



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